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I bought a 2001 rm250 a few weeks ago and once I got it home I noticed that there was excessive vibration when the motor is revved. I originally suspected that it might be the clutch basket spacer and needle bearing because it seemed to be coming from that area of the engine. Once I removed the clutch I found that the basket had a good number of cracks in it and it was pretty worn. I replaced it with a new billeted basket with inserts. That did not resolve my vibration issue however.
So i used a socket extension placed against the case to listen and see if I could pinpoint the area of the vibration. It is coming from the kick start gear/idler gear. I took the clutch back off the bike and found the kick start gear and kick start idler gear have a good deal of side to side movement which could result in a wobble especially when the rpm increases. I noticed that the bushing on the idler gear seems worn and no longer is a snug fit on the shaft. I am wondering if the side to side movement is common and if not do they offer replacement bushings for the idler gear? Has anyone else experienced this as a problem before?
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