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1st atv backflip

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If you guys haven't seen it yet you can go to www.hbombfilms.com. It is pretty awsome. All you have to do is enter the site go to the full story and there will be a photos and a movie clip. :cool:
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So, what did everyone think about the backflip. It would have been better on a 2-stroke but was still sweet. At least someone finally did what they said couldn't be done.
I would have liked to have seen it in the dirt. In the clip you see the front end dig pretty hard into the snow. I will be impressed when they try it in the dirt. Still very impressive.

Thanks for posting
in dirt wheels a couple of years ago they pics of a guy on a 250r do a backflip. they said he was the first ever i wish i knew what issue that was. if i find it around here i'll let you guys know. but i do remember it being in there.
i do rememebr he was a very backwoods hick looking guy i think for tennessee or something like that somewhere south.
The Dirtwheels issue was the April addition.... April Fools. I remember that one if you look at it closely you can tell it was computer generated
oh ok could be. i never paid that much attetion i just remember seeing some hick doing a backflip on a 250r
I was at a party the other day and they had just bought this motocross dvd,

these guys were on there property and doing back flips on dirt bike, this other guy tries all day to pull backflip on this little lt 80 and finaly he nales it.

if they did it by computer they did a danm good job.

I watched it over and over and it looks completly real.
oh ya on that movie there was a 10 year old kid on a kx65 dirt bike who cleared a 100 ft step-up.

it doesn't sound that big but when you see the jump compared to this 10 year old kid on a kx65 you realy realize how big it is for him.

its an ausome vid.

I wish I knew what it was called
i've landed tons of back flips!!!! just none of them were on a quad, they were all on my back,shoulder and other places. the sad thing is the bike very seldom left the ground.
i need to get some quad DVD's to watch on the way to silver lake. it's a 3 hour trip. and i need to put that motor out TV screen to good use

thats funny, I landed a backflip one time. I came over this dune and about half way down the dune it dropped strait off. I hit the sand bumper first and did a frontflip but instead of landing on the bike, the bike landed on me:sad:

talk about soar.

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