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Hey guys, just joined the forum to see if i could get some answers and help on how to fix my 1997 kx250. '

So here's the story,

I bought the bike about a year ago as a project bike. Pretty much everything was wrong with it from the engine needing a new top end, brakes needing new parts, to worn out suspension. So i've got the brakes and top end replaced so far but i cant figure out what's causing the engine not to run right.

The Problem,

1.) The engine will only start by push starting the bike.
2.) The engine will idle fine but the second you give it any thottle it will rev uncontrollably.

So that's what's happening. Please let me know what you think could be wrong. I might have over looked something but this is what i've checked already

1.) the carb jets are stock, they are not clogged.
2.) the carb slide closes all the way and the throttle cable is not shredded.
3.) the reeds are perfect
4.) the powervalves are connected and aligned properly.
5.) there is not a kink or block in the fuel line.

I'd really like to be able to start the bike without push starting it because as you can guess, it's pretty darn scary when you're on a 250 two stroke and the bike could max rev at any second.

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