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I have this bike with a Pro Circuit Platinum fatty and silencer. I just installed a new Wiseco piston and had the cylinder replated. I want this bike to last for a while so I want to get the mix right. I'm at 32:1 mix. Basically, I've heard that running lean wears out the top end. I just don't want to run too rich where it bogs. I heard the air screw only adjusts the first 0-1/4 throttle, so does the pilot jet (air screw) also contribute to the overall mix (rich or lean) throughout the bikes throttle range or just the beginning? I know this is a lot but this is what I want:
1. Bike is very responsive when throttle is pulled (low rpms) without bogging
2. Bike doesn't bog out at high rpm
3. Bike idles for at least 10 seconds (optional if it has to be)

How do I attain these? I found this info on ProCircuit's website:
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Do I have to rejet or can I get away with just turning the screw? And how do I know what jet's I have, do they have the number stamped on them? Also, I'm around 1500 feet elevation, temperature is 70 degrees F and going to get cold as summer is ending, (upstate NY).
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