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So I just bought a nice complete oem 1986 trx250r with full oem plastics and over 2000 in upgrades that came along with the machine. As well as a ported, and polished head. Which was milled down to give it high compression without changing the oem piston.
Anyways to get to the point, I have rode it for 2 days now and it ran great. But I wanted to get all the old fuel out of the machine because the guy barely touched it. So I ran it completely out of fuel, put my new mix in after a carb clean and it wont start.
I checked most everything I know to check with the electrical stuff and it seems my issue is the killswitch.
I would like to bypass it instead of having to buy a new one. Can so one please walk me through how to do this, I have been messing with all the wires for over 2 hours now and can figure it out.
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