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I have a 1979 PE 175 thats not running right, heres the history. It was my buddies bike sitting inside a storage container for at least 15 years. No sun no wind no rain. I brought it home and of course took off the carb and cleaned it in my drop tank. It cleaned up fine. Checked the float level (live) and its stock. I then cleaned the tank and petcock and wanted to ride it and see where I stood. Rode it for 30 mins just fine torquing around up and down hills. I never needed to get on the pipe. But when coming home I decided to see how well it did run. It wont get on the pipe! As soon as the revs pick up it acts like its dying and when you let off the gas it comes right back to running just fine.This bike is bone stock, never had a re-bore pipe or even after market silencer installed. So I naturally thought clogged air filter. Opened it up and the dirty discussting thing just fell apart in my hands. Great solved that one! Except it didnt???? Brand new air filter changed nothing.Hmmm how could anything get in that pipe? I dont know but I will pull it and check it. Yup nothing did get in there. Must have messed up the carb somehow. Took it back off, nope. Recheck the petcock ...nope??? Pull the plug.its fine. I am stumped. It will sit and idle all day long, run around the hills all day long (off the pipe) but wont transition. I did after jerking it around on and off get it to hit the pipe, but it wont stay more than a few seconds. Obviously not an ignition side crank seal as it will idle all day. Clutch side seal??? It doesnt blow smoke. I am stumped. One other weird thing. If you try to start it up with the choke, it will start rev somewhat high (I would say normal for the choke being on) and die. EVERYTIME. 10-20 times. You then take the choke off and it starts and idles all day. So there it is??? What do you think?
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