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Congrates to SparkZilla, you were out 100th member to join the site. Send me a private message with you address and I will send you some stickers for FREE.

The sites growth is great it has been 3 months now and we have 100 members keep up the good work guys.

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That's awesome. Will my computer start to burn oil and stink like 2-strokes soon from all of the people on here????
Stink???!!, I dont know what you are talking about. The smell is like perfume, there's nothing better thatn 2 stroke in the monring..
Maybe that will be E2S's next product line 2-Stroke Cologna.
sorry, bad choice of words... I use Klotz Supertechniplate oil with 20% castor oil. I just love to sit in the garage and rev the piss out of it. There's nothin I miss more during the week than that smell!!!
the best smell ever is a banshee burning 110 torco race fuel. thats half the reason i like going to the dunes. hopefully my comp doesn't start smoking blue though. i'd have to put it out in the shop then.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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