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  1. Custom 2-Stroke
    Has any one seen or have a zx9 motor in a zilla if so I would like some ideas on how to start it or some pics of one to see how it fits thanks!
  2. Suzuki LT250
    Would anyone be interested in buying a 1990 Suzuki LT250 chassis that has been fabbed up to house a zilla motor? It was my project but funds are tight so it has to go. I bought the quad then blew the 250 motor. I started the hybrid project because it would cost the same as a worked 250, be...
  3. Suzuki LT500
    Well the other day I held my Zilla wide open for a little to long and now my water pump is leaking out the weep hole. I have a few questions. 1) How do you get the shaft/propeller combo out without messing up the fins? 2) Would I need to just replace the seals or is anything else I should check...
1-3 of 3 Results