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  1. Yamaha Dirtbikes
    Hey guys brand new to the 2 stroke world and absolutely blown away by the power I was just wondering what sort of mix I should be using with my yammy I’ve heard 30:1 is good but I just wanted to be sure
  2. General 2-stroke Info & Everything Else
    Hi all I am new to this group, I need some assistance. I have a 2002 yz250 in great condition. I have been riding the bike for the past 2 weeks and it’s been going great until a few days ago. at around WOT it would bog right down and die like I was out of fuel, as it stopped I would kick it and...
  3. Yamaha Dirtbikes
    Recently bought a 2001 yz 250 and during the engine tear down I noticed that this plug/screw was loose and siliconed into place. It’s got a small crush washer on it and I looked everywhere in my manual but couldn’t find anything on it. The threads are stripped out and it won’t tighten either. Is...
  4. Yamaha Dirtbikes
    Hi all Recently bought a a yz 250 not Shure of the year but it is the older say 99 shape with square rear fender not the pointy 1 if that makes sense, bike starts fine idles fine and runs grand when I give it full throttle but if I give it any less than full throttle it starts stuttering and...
  5. Member Classifieds
    looking for a 2005 yz 250 2-stroke frame, i would really prefer a 2006 or newer but would accept a 2005. call/text 631 294 0994.thanks -rob
  6. Member Classifieds
    Like the title says im looking for an 83-87 yz 250 engine (preferably an 83). Pm me with what you have and what you want for it thanks. Also looking for a 38mm carb for it.
  7. Motorcycles
    I have a 1985 yz250 with a 1983 yz 250 engine. i just rebuilt the hole engine. I am having ideling *and hard start problems. The bike has a small idle surge at times and it does not want to stay running all the time at idle. i adjust the idle and its ok for awhile then it changes again. the carb...
  8. Yamaha Dirtbikes
    I have a '90 YZ 250, and need a few parts to make it whole. I have an 85 motor that runs, however it needs a pipe, and a Power Valve cover. It is also missing the (rear) shock. Anyone have an old pipe? Shock? Does more than one year fit? I would assume anything from the era will fit, as the...
  9. Yamaha Dirtbikes
    Brand new to the site my brother told me I could find lots of help on here. I would have tried the search option but it says my account does not have permissions. Tore it apart to find out that it had been run lean and I need to find some help on parts. 1 There is a sleeve in it, can it be...
  10. Dirt Bikes
    I have a 89 yz250 and was just wondering if anybody knows if i could change the engine to something much bigger say a 450? if any body has any info or nows where to get it plz help!
1-10 of 11 Results