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  1. Wanted - YZ 125 1999 inlet manifold boot

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    Hi all. posting on behalf of partner. He has a YZ 125 1999, he is currently looking for an inlet manifold boot and is coming up short in finding one for that year. Does anyone know where I could purchase one of these? Or know what other year would fit on to the 1999 engine. thanks in advance
  2. 1978 Yamaha DT 175 swing arm

    General 2-stroke Info & Everything Else
    Quick question... does anyone know if the square-tubed swing arms of 1980 DT175's are interchangeable with '78 DT175's? I have a '78 and prefer the square tube design but I can't seem to find any information on whether they're interchangeable. Thanks for the help!
  3. No spark on 1991 WR250ZB

    Hello, I have a 1991 WR250ZB I brought back from the dead and restored from junkyard sat-for-10-years-never-maintained condition and converted to a supermoto, and I can't seem to get it running. Really need help on this one! Here's a picture of the bike https://i.imgur.com/Xpe0QDE.jpg...
  4. 1993 yz 80 bogs in powerband

    Yamaha Dirtbikes
    Hi I recently bought a 1993 Yz 80. I was told that it has a big bore kit on it but I don't know what size it is. My bike usually bogs in the powerband but sometimes it runs good. It usually runs good in lower temps. I'm mixing my bike at 32:1. My pilot jet is #40(+5 than stock) and my main...
  5. 1999 yamaha banshee not getting fuel to 2nd cylinder

    Yamaha Banshee
    I have a 1999 banshee that was running fine than it bogged down, It starts but appears to be only running on one cylinder, I replaced the spark plug and checked for spark which I am getting, then took the spark plug out and it is dry,I Removed the carb and cleaned it and the jet was clear, and...
  6. 87 lt250r motor problem

    Suzuki LT250
    Hello all. I have a problem that i just cant seem to figure out on my own and none of my ridin buddies seem to have an answer either. i have an 87 lt250r that is my pride and joy, bought it two years ago compleatly stock and slowly started making mods to it. anyway the last time i got to ride...
  7. Wanted stolen 2000 blaster mostly stock

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    hey guys my blaster was stolen just be4 christmas. its all stock except the throttle, its blue with square head light, black and grey seat. i really want it back plz let me know if u seen it or even hav it, il giv u a reward. it was last seen in frankfort, it could be in the chicagoland area or...
  8. 1969 CT-1 wont redline

    So my CT-1 wont redline when the fuel is on but when its off and some of the gas drains from the carb it runs perfect until it runs out of gas of course. It only revs up to about 5k before it starts bogging and stays there, also if you put your hand behind the carb intake you get a light mist of...
  9. Things to look for?

    Yamaha Banshee
    A friend of mine decided that he wanted to get a 'shee for his first quad. He is still learning, but he says he can handle whatever it is the banshee has to offer. (His first ever ride was on a TRX700XX, had the thing at WFO after about 20 minutes of trying to figure out everything.) He's green...
  10. Kawasaki bayou 300 manual please

    Need one ASAP anybody gas it let me know :Dope:1988 I think
  11. For Sale '93 Yamaha WR500 - Rare * Fast * Fun

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    702-490-6494 Bike is in Las Vegas - Rather you'd come see it, hear it, take it home Who doesn't want an excuse to come to Vegas? 1993 Yamaha WR500cc 2-stroke Monster power Scary Fast!!!! Eats 4-Strokes --- YEAH! Low hours Stock Motor Stock Bore Super Dependable Pro Tapers Applied Racing FMF...
  12. For Sale/Trade Yamaha AT1 box of parts and rolling chassis

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    Is anyone working on yamaha AT-1's? I have a box of parts, mostly a motor and a rusty frame with wheels. Front wheel is in good shape- Back is missing spokes but could be repaired, I believe. Looking to trade for old honda stuff or to sell and ship. Reply here if interested. I can post pics...
  13. My banshee is getting dirty from fuel

    Yamaha Banshee
    I have a 2006 stock banshee and when i ride fuel leaks out the airvent tubes on the carburator. Its not the overflow tube but the airvent tubes. Which fuel runs all over my engine and everywhere and dirt sticks to it. Ive checked the carb floats and the setting is fine and doesnt overflow with...
  14. UUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh......

    Sup...new to the forum. I ride a '96 'Shee...and sometimes, 'Shee rides me!!
  15. Miss fire and gears stuck.

    Yamaha Blaster
    Okay first we have a 2000 yamaha blaster .30 over with newer exaust. We were riding one day and once you would get into the higher gears it would miss fire... Then another day we were riding it would miss fire when we he was down shifting. and at one point it the atv stalled and then he started...
  16. Spacers or Steering Stabilizer

    In depth Tech
    I have about $150 and I'm looking into either Dura Blue Spacers, or a Streamline Rebuiladble Steering Stabilizer. Any suggestions?
  17. Weird throttle...

    Yamaha Blaster
    Well up here in colorado, I went from having a Banshee in arizona to having a blaster again because I didnt want to have to rejet it twice, and since diesel prices are NUTS. Well I decided that since this 1999 Blaster up there was so dirty, that I'd just clean out the carb and the intake area...