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  1. Custom 2-Stroke
    I have a '76 ke175 that I restored and want to upgrade instead of getting a new bike b/c of it's sentimental value to me. However I want it to be somewhat of a sleeper like you can't tell it's been altered or upgraded. New shocks, braided brake lines and fork valves I know would help but what...
  2. Honda TRX 250R
    I am looking to upgrade the clutch on my 1988 TRX 250r anyone got any recommendations of which clutch to go with right now it still has the stock clutch but i can tell its on its way out so i want to upgrade when i replace it
  3. Yamaha Banshee
    Hey guys, i bought a stock 2002 banshee and i was wondering if anyone could help me with what to get It would be greatly appriciated if anyone could tell me what upgrades they would get and in what order they would get them thanks Levi
1-3 of 4 Results