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  1. trx250r Died and wont restart!!

    Honda TRX 250R
    I was riding my 1986 trx250r and it was running normal. However, when i was going down a straight away, it just shut off by itself. I tried starting it up again and it wouldn't start. I then checked the compression and it was around 150 psi. I tried changing the spark plug and it still wouldn't...
  2. TRX250R head on LT250R?

    Suzuki LT250
    I went into a local atv shop to supposedly get a clean, used head from an 87+ lt250r, (I have a 92) but I found out they gave me a head from a honda instead. It was only 20 bucks, but im wondering, would this fit? (clearance, studs, etc) Ive got the cylinder out to the machine shop, and im not...
  3. Wanted TRX250r New OEM front right white fender and entire set of 1988 TRX250r red OEM set

    New Classifieds
    I am looking for a New or New old stock NOS complete set of 1988 TRX250r red fenders and one right front New or New old stock NOS white right front fender for the 1989 TRX250r. I know these are rare to find, and I know there are some still out there. If you have any or all of these items that...