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  1. What kind of fluid to use for transmission? 1997 Honda CR125R

    Dirt Bikes
    I've had this issue since I got the bike. The plates are flat, no grooving in the clutch basket, changed oil, checked clutch lifter mechanism, but still the clutch plates seem to stick together. If the bike is in gear and I pull the clutch, I still can't roll the bike. What's going on? The...
  2. lt250r wont shift past 3rd

    Suzuki LT250
    Hi guys first post so sorry if i forget stuff Fixin my brothers lt250r he picked up cheap Transmission was full of gunk and pretty much all seized. I cleaned up everything and lubricated everything well then i reassembled. When i tried to test if it would engage into all its gears, as it...
  3. Need help... Bottom end build

    Suzuki LT250
    I bought a box of parts off of a guy. It came with a whole lower unit. But i need some kind of picture or ref. Of how to put all the gears and stuff back in the lower unit. Plz help. Need a pic or something. Im sure it isnt hard but dont wanna mess it up.
  4. shifter

    Yamaha Banshee
    Hey all, the shifter on my shee went total limp. It still shifts but will not spring back to home position. Does any one have any ideas? Im sure if i keep riding like this im asking for problems. thanks.