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  1. Kid Quad
    Bought an 04 LT80 for my daughter, it had been sitting for a while and ran rough but was starting to clear up before I pulled it apart, I drained all the old gas(it is premix 32:1 no more oil injection) took the vacuum assisted petcock off and put a regular banshee one on cleaned the bowl on...
  2. General 2-stroke Info & Everything Else
    So to begin with i'm very average in the mechanical department, i'm learning but i'm also only 16 so i have almost no experience. My problem started when i realized that my oil drain plug was missing (Did not ride with it missing) and i needed a new one. So is I searched various forums for...
  3. Suzuki LT250
    I have an 1986 Lt250r and im looking to upgrade my carburetor. Looking for a decent performance carb for better bottom end power. Running a full fmf exhaust system. Considering this mikuni http://www.amazon.com/Mikuni-Series-Slide-Carburetor-TM34-2/dp/B000GV2D7G Any suggestions?
  4. Manuals
    Hi, Looking for a Service Manual in pdf to download. No E-Bay, BikeBandit or the like. Thank You. Much Appreciated.
  5. Suzuki LT250
    Hello all. I have a problem that i just cant seem to figure out on my own and none of my ridin buddies seem to have an answer either. i have an 87 lt250r that is my pride and joy, bought it two years ago compleatly stock and slowly started making mods to it. anyway the last time i got to ride...
  6. Suzuki LT250
    just got a new toy i wanna make ready for racing, anyone know where to find aftermarket parts like +2 A-Arms, +2 Axles, swing arms, shocks etc. for an '88 LT250R? or parts that i can make work for it, any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  7. Suzuki LT500
    I recently got my quad tuned in and running great, rode it for a couple hours and then got back to camp and the shifter seal was leaking that I just replaced. I put some grease behind the seal before I put it in like I always do with any seal and it still leaked. Its a nice auto oiler for the...
  8. Member Classifieds
    Im looking for a rear shock for an 88 lt500r in decent condition, for a reasonable price and hoping someone has an OE headlight assembly to sell.
  9. Member Classifieds
    I recently purchased a keihin quadvent 38mm carb bored to 41mm and paid around 180 dollars shipped. I received the carb and couldn't wait to put it on my lt500 but i pulled the bowl off to do some inspecting and found out that the float towers were all wobbled out and the float moved way out of...
  10. Suzuki LT500
    Hello, I had a local atv shop do some work to my 87 lt500, I couldn't go any bigger so it was time to go back to stock bore, I had it resleeved to 86mm, new piston and rod, pretty stock, just some real minor port work, mainly lining the sleeve up with cylinder and polishing. I got the engine...
  11. Member Classifieds
    Looking for your random leftover boxes of motor mounts, mounting bolts, lug nuts, clamps, swing arm bolts, body bolts, hoses, whatever lt500 parts you have and dont need anymore.:Grin::Pics:Blackeye::P:Pics:Thumbsup2:
  12. Manuals
    Anybody have a 92 lt250r service manual to share ?? Tried all of the links but they all seem to be broken.
  13. Kid Quad
    i bought this lt80 a few weeks ago for my 7 year old daughter. i will be tearing it down completely and having the frame painted, new plastics, seat cover, handlebars, new top end, and possibly sending the shocks out to socal suspension systems for a rebuild. ill see how they do when the...
  14. Motorcycles
    i just picked up a 1966 suzuki x6 hustler (t20) i bought it cheap and it was not running i realised it wasnt getting spark to one of the cylinders and the spark plugs were fine so i ordered new ignition coils and it fired right up. but right now all it does is idol and rev up but as soon as i...
  15. Suzuki Dirtbikes
    I was riding my 2005 rm250 the other day when a stick came up and cracked my airbox. It is beyond repair, and I was wondering what airboxes from other year rm250s can replace it on an 05. Any info is greatly apprieciated.
  16. Suzuki LT250
    I have a 1985 suzuki lt250 and it has been rebuilt about 7 or 8 months ago. Now just before it started snowing for the season (around the end of November) it was running like a champ. But then when i tried to start it a few weeks ago it just started pouring all the gas out of one of the over...
  17. Suzuki LT500
    I have a 87 lt500. It is the rarest thing I've ever seen. Take it home and hide it. That's what the techs at the Suzuki shop in lynchburg va said. I purchased this atv 6 months ago. I had one about 15 years ago and loved it. This quad has less than 10 hours on it, this is what I was told. I...
  18. Member Classifieds
    Classic 1977 Suzuki A 100..........Original except for repaint a few years ago.Only 5,000 miles.Tires are good.Seat is like new.Starts easy every time.Everything works including the oil injection!Ready to enjoy,and cheap:$795...Can help with delivery or export.
  19. Suzuki Dirtbikes
    I recently had a top end rebuild and new seals for the bottom end, and a clutch,.. and i cant remember what else.. it ran fine for ages, but then it just took a turn for the worst... when i clean the plug, it runs... boggy.... for about 1-2 mins.. and i have the keep it alive revving but...
1-19 of 25 Results