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  1. Suzuki LT250
    Hey guys, I got an 86 lt250r and it has a spark issue. So its done this thing since I got my motor built and it will get spark one day and then the next it has nothing, I thought it was a coil because it just completely went away the other day but I was out there today just testing spark and I...
  2. Suzuki LT250
    Hey, I'm still looking for a good stator for my 85 lt250r...if anyone has one they'd liek to sell or give just reply back with price or arrangements Thanks
  3. Suzuki LT250
    Hey what brand is the best when looking at a new stator assembly for a 1985 suzuki lt250r?
  4. Suzuki LT250
    Hey folks I got a 1986 Lt250r and When I was taking off the damper I nicked my brand new source coil and now I'm not getting any spark so I figured it was bad and I found another older stator laying around with a source coil on it. Now I tested the old source coil I found for resistance and its...
1-4 of 4 Results