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  1. 1999 RM125 need help. NO SPARK!

    Suzuki Dirtbikes
    My 1999 RM125 will not start, I put in a new stator, CDI, and spark plug. Still nothing. I disconnected the kill switch as well. I'm totally at a loss. I'm not sure if the wiring has a short or anything. Can somebody please post a wiring diagram for 1999 RM125? I think it would really...
  2. lt250r spark problem

    Suzuki LT250
    Hey guys, I got an 86 lt250r and it has a spark issue. So its done this thing since I got my motor built and it will get spark one day and then the next it has nothing, I thought it was a coil because it just completely went away the other day but I was out there today just testing spark and I...
  3. lt250r problems can someone help

    Suzuki LT250
    i just baught a lt250r 1986. This thing started easy and was riding great for the first couple months. then i took it to the pit and everything was fine for the first 2 hours it ran great and had a lot of power i shut it off for 10 minutes. tried to start it and it bogged and ran with no power...
  4. source coil testing? and getting the a-arms off.

    Suzuki LT250
    Hey folks I got a 1986 Lt250r and When I was taking off the damper I nicked my brand new source coil and now I'm not getting any spark so I figured it was bad and I found another older stator laying around with a source coil on it. Now I tested the old source coil I found for resistance and its...