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rm 125

  1. what year is my rm 125 engine

    Suzuki Dirtbikes
    Hi guys, alright so i was rebuilding the top end on my rm125 (boring it .60 over) and when i got the gaskets for it they were all wrong, i orderd a 1983 (cause thats what year it says on the frame) rm125 top end gasket set, and just to make sure they didnt give me the wrong ones i went and got a...
  2. 96 rm 125 broken power valve

    So this is the first top end i have done and today when i got the top end apart i found that one of the power valves are broken, and the piston hit the valve and did some damage to the cylinder. I am just wondering what the cheapest and easiest way to repair it would be. Would it be cheaper to...