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  1. Yamaha banshee cool head help!!

    Yamaha Banshee
    Hey so heres the story , i bought a banshee about 6 months ago, pulled the engine out to do a little rebuild and thought while it was out ill put new reeds and bought a noss cool head , i went to put it on and it wouldnt fit , looks like the people before me had stripped a thread on the right...
  2. LT80 Top End rebuild

    Kid Quad
    Well we were having some issues keeping the little guy running last outing, he would run for a while then die and was dang near impossible to start, then finally no start at all. :thumbsdown: Took him home tore it down and found this... I suspect a crankcase leak. Any other...
  3. 1986 LT250R project

    just recently picked up a 86 lt250r that is a project, never worked on a quad before... when i get home i will post up some pictures of it, just would like to find out some info, will 90's lt250r motors mount up right and will i need to modify anything for them to run right? also is there anyone...
  4. 2004 Break in time????

    Kawasaki Dirtbikes
    I just rebuit my 125 and it runs perfect again but idk what to do to break it in. Should i let it idle a while in the garage while holding the rpms kinda up or would riding it a little easy for like a half an hour wor. Also im mixing 42:1 right now so should i mix richer will it a new piston...
  5. Tecate top end

    Kawasaki Tecate
    Changed the top end on our 87 a few weeks ago, by choice not necessity. After an easily 400+ hour life, here's how good the piston looked. That was right as I pulled the jug off, no wipe down, no clean up of any sort. Cyl wall was just as clean. A new set of rings would've done it if I...