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  1. Suzuki LT500
    Found another wounded buffalo out in a guys leanto this weekend. 1987 lt500r, nothing special. Has white plastics with no visible cracks, needs a new hood. I have a couple laying around but I like the OE hood better than maiers. Rear shock is like new, great shape, fronts have good cushion...
  2. New Classifieds
    I have 3 sets of front rims for Suzuki LT250r. One is gold in great shape, the other is an ITP polished aluminum set and the last is a stock set thats got dents and dings, but still rolls straight. Any offers! I also have the matching rear golds for the 85-86 lt250r so you could run a full...
  3. New Classifieds
    I need a spark arrestor style exhaust silencer for my LT500r. Im also looking for extra parts/pieces, mid-pipes(pipe that connects headpipe to silencer), and exhaust clamps. (billet, aluminum)
1-3 of 3 Results