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  1. Yamaha Dirtbikes
    Hey guys brand new to the 2 stroke world and absolutely blown away by the power I was just wondering what sort of mix I should be using with my yammy I’ve heard 30:1 is good but I just wanted to be sure
  2. In depth Tech
    Hello, guys. I've created a Premix calculator 2-stroke engine. It's available here Premix calculator for 2-stroke engine in optimal fuel mix ratio. It should help our community to calculate premix for our 2stroke machines easily :) Any ideas on how to improve the tool is very welcomed :) thanks!
  3. ATV's
    I'm new to 2-strokes. I just bought a 1987 polaris Cyclone 250x. The guy I bought it from said the automatic oil injector failed, so he just started pre-mixing his fuel. The problem I have is he said he was putting 8 oz of oil for every gallon of fuel. I may not know too much but that sounds...
1-3 of 3 Results