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  1. Member Classifieds
    Hi guys in bad need of an 87-92 lt250r pipe/exhaust Literally any condition will do Please give me a shout if you have anything laying about thanks Rafer :)
  2. Member Classifieds
    Hey everyone, im new to the site, i recently bought an 85 lt250r and am looking to get a better pipe for some more pep and a louder scream, im located in New Brunswick, Canada. any help or tips would be greatly appreciated Cheers !
  3. Member Classifieds
    looking to buy a AAEN pipe or something along those lines, clutch cover, and a head, stock or cool head, preferably with the squish already fixed. let me know what you have.
  4. Yamaha Dirtbikes
    I have a '90 YZ 250, and need a few parts to make it whole. I have an 85 motor that runs, however it needs a pipe, and a Power Valve cover. It is also missing the (rear) shock. Anyone have an old pipe? Shock? Does more than one year fit? I would assume anything from the era will fit, as the...
1-4 of 4 Results