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oregon dunes

  1. Valetines weekend in Florence

    Spent the weekend with the man in Florence and had a great time. Fridays weather called for sunshine and Saturday's weather called for rain. I'm happy to announce that we didn't see a drop of rain and while it was only partially sunny on Friday it kind of averaged itself out into a decent...
  2. Dune Cleanup in Coos Bay, OR a success

    This collaborative effort went great, thanks everyone who came out and helped. Also thank you to Fullbore Innovations who had an entire crew out there, for donating sweet apparel to this effort, and for letting us all crash at your dune house for this event. These guys really went an extra...
  3. Labor Day 2010

    hit up Winchester bay for Labor Day this year: Really it was a perfect time all the way around!!! havin fun boys workin on their toys I know that no caption will justify this picture, but seriously, we were doing timed ice chest trials in the discovery point campground. Ok? you had to be...
  4. Labor Day 2010 in Coos Bay Dunes

  5. Florence Aug 21st-29th

    Headed down to Florence again for our yearly August get together with friends from Oregon and California. Perfect weather, sunny and warm again this year and not a cloud in the sky all week. Just arrived and unloaded the LT Took the golf cart this year, it made it a lot more places than I...
  6. Father's Day Weekend Florence Ride

    Dune Devils Racing has reserved 3 group sites on the sand and it looks like the head count so far is at 14 families. That's a lot of trucks, trailers and trikes all in one place. Trike not required so not really certain on the trike count, anyone is welcome to come hang. What I am sure of is...