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  1. Dirt Bikes
    I've had this issue since I got the bike. The plates are flat, no grooving in the clutch basket, changed oil, checked clutch lifter mechanism, but still the clutch plates seem to stick together. If the bike is in gear and I pull the clutch, I still can't roll the bike. What's going on? The...
  2. Suzuki LT250
    I know there are probably a bunch of threads about oil but im starting another one . When I first changed the fluids in the 85-86 motor the clutch was grabbing great , after a few test rides i changed it again to clean out any gunk from the previous owners lack of maintenance . First change i...
  3. Kawasaki Dirtbikes
    I just bought a 98 kx 125 a week ago. It is slowly leaking oil from some where and is dripping onto the bottom of my frame and then onto the ground. It doesnt leak alot right away but after sitting for a couple of days the puddle got pretty big. also it is kind of green. Does anyone have any...
  4. Motorcycles
    50cc Aprilia RX 2stroke Bogs out at junctions or when in neutral it dosent tick over it also wont take the kickstart it has to be bumped. Could this be due to that its running a too oily mixture of petrol:oil
  5. Shop & Garage
    I cleaned up this 50cc motor and got it started but after a minute or less the motor stops because the plug is fouled with crankcase oil and I have to drain the expansion chamber. Anybody know what causes this?
  6. Introductions
    Hey everyone thanks for having me. I make some street bike parts and am a dirt rider from way back without that much experience. I've had some Maico's and a lot of brands really but never did any major engine work on a 2 stroke. I hooked up here trying to get some help with a YZ50...
  7. KTM Dirtbikes
    Does anybody know how to adjust the idle on a 1992 ktm 250exc? Do i use engine oil or gear oil in the crank case and what kind? What comes out of the crank case breather hose? just water?
  8. In depth Tech
    O.K. one more stupid question! Everyone is telling me different 2 stroke ratios. Ive heard everything from 50:1 to 25:1 What do you think for a 97 Kawasaki KX250
1-8 of 8 Results