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  1. Sea level understanding !?

    General 2-stroke Info & Everything Else
    Hey i purchased a cool head for my banshee , im about to order domes for it but need to know what cc to run ! Its stock and i wanna keep to normal pump gas, iv been told to find out what cc domes goes off what my sea level is? I dont mean to sound like a bumb ass but what the hell is sea level...
  2. Yamaha banshee cool head help!!

    Yamaha Banshee
    Hey so heres the story , i bought a banshee about 6 months ago, pulled the engine out to do a little rebuild and thought while it was out ill put new reeds and bought a noss cool head , i went to put it on and it wouldnt fit , looks like the people before me had stripped a thread on the right...
  3. Banshee airbox help

    Yamaha Banshee
    Hey! I have a banshee , running on twin carbs , 260 mains and 180 pilots , have t5 pipes and run standard airbox with k&n filter on , been reading arround and most people say to stay away from k&n and standard airbox is no good? Im looking for a bit better performance so wondering what your...
  4. T5s, which parts to add?

    Yamaha Banshee
    Got an 06 banshee with t5s, uni pro design with the lid, 15t front, no snorkel, TORS removed. I want as much reliable power as i can get without boring, stroking, new heads, lots of machining, etc. more or less, what parts can i bolt on that will go well with what i already have? I play ride...
  5. 89 yz250....help

    Dirt Bikes
    I have a 89 yz250 and was just wondering if anybody knows if i could change the engine to something much bigger say a 450? if any body has any info or nows where to get it plz help!