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lt250r 1986

  1. Oil drain plug for 1986 lt250r

    General 2-stroke Info & Everything Else
    So to begin with i'm very average in the mechanical department, i'm learning but i'm also only 16 so i have almost no experience. My problem started when i realized that my oil drain plug was missing (Did not ride with it missing) and i needed a new one. So is I searched various forums for...
  2. 1986 LT250R project

    just recently picked up a 86 lt250r that is a project, never worked on a quad before... when i get home i will post up some pictures of it, just would like to find out some info, will 90's lt250r motors mount up right and will i need to modify anything for them to run right? also is there anyone...
  3. lt250r problems can someone help

    Suzuki LT250
    i just baught a lt250r 1986. This thing started easy and was riding great for the first couple months. then i took it to the pit and everything was fine for the first 2 hours it ran great and had a lot of power i shut it off for 10 minutes. tried to start it and it bogged and ran with no power...
  4. loss of power

    Suzuki LT250
    i was ridin around my house and when i slammed the throttle it started to cut out then i lost all power completely. i tried kicking it over but no good. then i tried pop starting it ( i know i shouldnt but it was a nice day). still nothing happened. does anyone know what my issue might be? oh...
  5. '86 restoration help

    Suzuki LT250
    i recently started to restore my '86 LT and while i wait for all my parts and what not i decided i might as well paint it now. only problem is i dont know what color to paint it. i want to keep it original (atleast the color of the frame) but what are some cool colors like an awesome dark...
  6. '86 LT250r kick starter

    Suzuki LT250
    Ok, so me and my buds (3 others, all 15 and 16) went camping last nite (:Smoke:) and they brought up there warrior,bayou, and my other friend borrowed my '05 wolverine, and I toke up my LT b/c the trails arent that rough and muddy. come this mornin its cold as a bitch. or it felt that way gettin...
  7. Removing rear tires

    Suzuki LT250
    I recently bought some new Razr's for my LT, fantastic. but i cant seem to remove the old tires from the rim/wheel. when i got new front tires i took them to Adirondack Tire and the got them on but it cost me almost a hundred dollars. i was hoping there was a way to remove them at home. if not...
  8. 86 Xc racer

    Suzuki LT250
    Currently im in the process of building my 86 lt250 from the frame up iwould like to race XC on this quad and ride it in local coal pits. im not really sure what to do for suspension or exxhaust tho im having the cylinder bored and ported by Flotek for agressive trail riding, also having the...