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  1. For Sale LT250r front rims

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    I have 3 sets of front rims for Suzuki LT250r. One is gold in great shape, the other is an ITP polished aluminum set and the last is a stock set thats got dents and dings, but still rolls straight. Any offers! I also have the matching rear golds for the 85-86 lt250r so you could run a full...
  2. Possible air leak too!

    Suzuki LT500
    My 87 Lt500r ran great when all reasembled with no air leaks(supposedly). I got it back from the shop after having bigger headstuds installed, drilled and tapped, and a cool head put on. It ran great when I got it back and I rejetted it for warmer weather. After a few heat cycles and a quick...
  3. Leaking shifter seal on 87 LT500

    Suzuki LT500
    I recently got my quad tuned in and running great, rode it for a couple hours and then got back to camp and the shifter seal was leaking that I just replaced. I put some grease behind the seal before I put it in like I always do with any seal and it still leaked. Its a nice auto oiler for the...
  4. Wanted WTB LT500r headstuds, 10mmx8mm

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    I need some 10mmx8mm headstuds for the lt500r. I had some of my head studs pull and I read the article on the homepage about installing the stainless steel certs. I installed one because it was oversized already and the other 5 i just drilled and taped 10mm so incase they ever strip I can...
  5. Wanted lt500r headlight assembly, rear shock

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    Im looking for a rear shock for an 88 lt500r in decent condition, for a reasonable price and hoping someone has an OE headlight assembly to sell.
  6. Wanted Wanted: LT500 plastic, radiator scoop, rear caliper, full plastics

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    I finally picked up another rolling project, missing a few things though, if anyone has a rear caliper with hose, the front radiator scoop, and a full set of plastics in decent shape IM me, I have found some of the parts through ebay but wasn't that happy with condition. I also need a set of...
  7. drilling headstuds on an 87 lt500 for 10mm instead of 8mm, QUESTIONS?

    Suzuki LT500
    Hello, I had a local atv shop do some work to my 87 lt500, I couldn't go any bigger so it was time to go back to stock bore, I had it resleeved to 86mm, new piston and rod, pretty stock, just some real minor port work, mainly lining the sleeve up with cylinder and polishing. I got the engine...
  8. lt250r manual 92 ??

    Anybody have a 92 lt250r service manual to share ?? Tried all of the links but they all seem to be broken.
  9. For Sale/Trade TRX250r Head

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    I have a head for a trx250r, I dont know the year. It is in great shape, but where the coolant line comes in, it was repaired. This will work 100 percent fine, absolutely NO NICKS in the bowl! and is in better shape than any other "used" head (although I dont think it was ever used, but...
  10. Hybrid Frame & Motor Mounts...

    Suzuki LT250
    Would anyone be interested in buying a 1990 Suzuki LT250 chassis that has been fabbed up to house a zilla motor? It was my project but funds are tight so it has to go. I bought the quad then blew the 250 motor. I started the hybrid project because it would cost the same as a worked 250, be...