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  1. Shop & Garage
    Hey guys i was out at my local track last weekend riding for hours with no trouble. towards end of the day i was riding shifted up to 2nd gear and there was nothing there only first gear was working. noticed gear lever came loose tightened it up and 2nd gear started working but no others. it...
  2. Kawasaki Dirtbikes
    hi everyone, i was out on my newly purchased bike(used) this weekend no problems at all then after a couple of hours into the day it started smoking out of nowhere(white smoke) thought it would clear up did a few more laps round still smoking pulled up cut it out and it started smoking very bad...
  3. Dirt Bikes
    I have a 1996 kx60 and I think I am ready to upgrade, I am 13 years old 4ft 11 1/2in tall without my gear on and i am 80lbs. I think I am going to get a kx100 but I know the seat height on those are 34.3 or in the vicinity and I don't know how I will fit one the bike, a little bit of growing...
1-3 of 3 Results