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  1. Kawasaki Dirtbikes
    So I have been restoring a 1988 KX250 and have been using it as a trail bike. its been bored out to a 300 and has been awesome on the trails, the only complaint I have is that the fuel petcock is for a MX bike where its just on and off, no reserve. I've ran out of gas one time before because I...
  2. Kawasaki Dirtbikes
    hey, I'm building a hybrid kfx450 with a 250 two stroke engine. I havn't bought the motor yet but im keen on a 1990 kx250 thats for sale for $800 to rip the motor out of. I looked up the specs for the bike and its telling me that the bike puts out 52hp and 35ft ibs. Does that sound right to...
  3. General 2-stroke Info & Everything Else
    What is the average running temperature for a 1997 KX250 2 stroke? Nobody seems to know the answer to this one. If you were to aim a temp gun at the cylinder of the engine, what should it read on average. There are alot of factors here,(at idle, hard running, climate, air temp, etc...), but...
  4. Kawasaki Dirtbikes
    Hey, I was told by kawasaki that I should be putting 10/40 or 20/50 in my engine and fill it half way to the glass eye. But someone else is saying to put ATF in it. ?????????? Thanks
1-4 of 4 Results