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  1. Carb Gurus! Which VM26 for DT175? First Post

    In depth Tech
    Hello, I'm new here. I am a senior member on Pirate4x4, HAMB and a bunch of other boards. I have about 15 motorcycles and it's time to get the ones that are close, finished up. First on the list is a pretty nice 1976 Yamaha DT175. I picked this bike up and the previous owner sorted out the...
  2. 87 Banshee Jetting Help

    Yamaha Banshee
    Hi there new to the site i have an 1987 banshee thats bone stock and i bought toomey T5 pipes for it along with a k&n filter and TDR Reeds and i was wondering what jets i should buy or what size works the best for this set up also how much power will this add to the machine. please leave a list...