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  1. Yamaha Banshee
    Hey I have a 2002 Banshee with FMF exhaust and open, individual K&N pod filters. I've read a lot of guys have changed to a 27.5 pilot jet and a 300 main jet. I can't find very many jets of this size online at all. Anyone know where to buy these? And are all jets compatible for different carbs...
  2. Yamaha Banshee
    Hi there new to the site i have an 1987 banshee thats bone stock and i bought toomey T5 pipes for it along with a k&n filter and TDR Reeds and i was wondering what jets i should buy or what size works the best for this set up also how much power will this add to the machine. please leave a list...
1-2 of 2 Results