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  1. For Sale Craigslist lincoln, ne atc 110 parts cheap!

    New Classifieds
    Just wanted to pass this ad along to the guys who race those little 110 atc's. Check this out, if you run this equip. you won't find a better deal out there. Just thought if you needed an extra frame or bent your triple tree or front forks. ITS ONLY 20$ for everything...
  2. 87 lt250r motor problem

    Suzuki LT250
    Hello all. I have a problem that i just cant seem to figure out on my own and none of my ridin buddies seem to have an answer either. i have an 87 lt250r that is my pride and joy, bought it two years ago compleatly stock and slowly started making mods to it. anyway the last time i got to ride...
  3. HONDA LS125R | modification info anyone?

    Hi All, Has anyone here owned or worked on a Honda LS125R? I done a fair amount of googling and found very little information, I would like to do some performance modifications and not really sure which i should start with. Should I: Crank stuff - A little? Compression increase - run avgas...
  4. 250R play quad questions

    Honda TRX 250R
    I have a TRX450R that was given to me. The transmission and cases are shot, so I need a new engine. I've decided on a 250R engine. I plan on building this engine to meet the following criteria: reliable, 55-60hp, broad powerband, runs on pump gas. I can just about bet that I'm looking at...
  5. KTM380 vs. built TRX250R engine swap (ATV)

    Custom 2-Stroke
    I have a 450R chassis that needs very little outside of engine work. I plan to drop the engine for a 2 stroke. My options at this point are a banshee engine (don't want to deal with 2x cylinders), 250cc dirt bike engine (haven't seen as much aftermarket stuff for these as I'd like to have seen...
  6. For Sale Keihin 41mm for sale on ebay, dont buy!

    New Classifieds
    I recently purchased a keihin quadvent 38mm carb bored to 41mm and paid around 180 dollars shipped. I received the carb and couldn't wait to put it on my lt500 but i pulled the bowl off to do some inspecting and found out that the float towers were all wobbled out and the float moved way out of...
  7. 1988 cr250r suspension help

    Honda Dirtbikes
    hey yall im new to this website... i was wondering if i can replace the suspension on a 1988 cr250r with a more modern suspension in particular the front fork?
  8. Things to look for?

    Yamaha Banshee
    A friend of mine decided that he wanted to get a 'shee for his first quad. He is still learning, but he says he can handle whatever it is the banshee has to offer. (His first ever ride was on a TRX700XX, had the thing at WFO after about 20 minutes of trying to figure out everything.) He's green...
  9. For Sale NEW YORK 2002 cr250 1900$

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  10. For Sale 85 honda 250r atc

    New Classifieds
    I have an all original 85 honda 250r that i'm in need of selling. I hate to get rid of this atc but i need some extra money and have to get rid of some toys. It is as original as you will find one. It runs perfect and only has about 9 hours on rebuilt engine. The gas tank is a lil faded and...
  11. For Sale 86 honda 250r atc with 330 kit

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    I have a 330 kit 86 honda 250r project that needs to be finished. The only thing left to buy is an aftermarket exhaust. I have a 39mm keiham carb to go with it too. I also will include all the stuff to make it back original with the sale. I also have extra carbs, cylinders, covers, clutches...
  12. Please help asap honda 250r atc trouble

    He guys. I have a 85 honda 250r atc. I was riding last weekend and ran out of gas. I put more gas in it now it doesn't want to start. I must have kicked it 100 times and even tried pushing it off. Still nothing. It has good compression, good spark, but nothing. I even tried spraying carb...
  13. TRX 250r Clurch upgrade

    Honda TRX 250R
    I am looking to upgrade the clutch on my 1988 TRX 250r anyone got any recommendations of which clutch to go with right now it still has the stock clutch but i can tell its on its way out so i want to upgrade when i replace it
  14. Honda CR250 Burnout

    this is a video of our friend jr doing a burnout on his cr250. he did a pretty good one. started off in second and managed to get to 5th gear real quick! the bike is built pretty good. YouTube - cr250r 5th Gear Burnout