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help needed

  1. Need LT80 help

    Kid Quad
    Bought an 04 LT80 for my daughter, it had been sitting for a while and ran rough but was starting to clear up before I pulled it apart, I drained all the old gas(it is premix 32:1 no more oil injection) took the vacuum assisted petcock off and put a regular banshee one on cleaned the bowl on...
  2. 2001 Polaris Scrambler 400 - Flywheel bolt keeps coming loose

    Hi, I recently rebuilt the bottom end of my 2001 Polaris scramble and it’s been running fine until I heard this godawful clacking, rattling sound. I heard it the loudest starting up and idling but once I gave it throttle it went away. When I took off the pull cord cover, the flywheel bolt was...
  3. Banshee not idiling unless i keep thumb on throttle

    Yamaha Banshee
    I need some help my banshee is not idiling unless i keep my thump on the throttle evreything is tock and i cut the tors cable im really worried PLEASE HELP ME GUYS!!!!:thumbsdown::thumbsdown::thumbsdown::RussRoulette:
  4. KX 80 1986 rear wheel help!

    Kawasaki Dirtbikes
    I have been looking for a kx 80 1986 (i think) rear wheel cant seem find one anywhere i have tried eBay and they want ridiculous money or are not the correct size The dimensions are 90/100-14 i was wondering if i get a pit bike wheel would it fit as there reasonable cheaper and easier to get...
  5. Banshee airbox help

    Yamaha Banshee
    Hey! I have a banshee , running on twin carbs , 260 mains and 180 pilots , have t5 pipes and run standard airbox with k&n filter on , been reading arround and most people say to stay away from k&n and standard airbox is no good? Im looking for a bit better performance so wondering what your...
  6. 1991 RM250 Help!

    Suzuki Dirtbikes
    Okay here is the deal. I am new to two strokes. I have ridden four strokes my entire life but I have switched over to two strokes. I recently bought a 1991 RM250 and the motor was in a crate. Literally, torn apart in a crate. I consider myself pretty handy with a set of good tools so I decided...
  7. Cagiva WMX 125 1986 Clutch Problems need help

    Shop & Garage
    My Cagiva 125's clutch wont disengage. The bike itself was sitting in the harsh Florida weather for some time, and I have heard that the clutch is really strong but it will stick if left outside. This brings me back to my problem we have heard that playing with the clutch in first gear will help...
  8. Wanted Help needed

    New Classifieds
    Help needed oHi everyone, can anyone tell me if any other Suzuki brake calliper fits a lt500 1987 to 1989 model. Help.