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  1. Shop & Garage
    I'm feeling eco-friendly (and also me-friendly). I was thinking that because both methanol and ethanol are naturally occurring molecules that they break down easily. Its already known that derivatives of petroleum are carcinogens, for example, benzene from gasoline can be linked to blood cancer...
  2. Yamaha Banshee
    alright my 01 banshee has been having a lot of problems I really got screwed on the trade. ok well its been acting weird and the right side pipe keeps smoking excessively when it idles down and I rev it up is it rich fuel mixture or what? hope its nothing serious. I worry alott
  3. Kawasaki Tecate
    Changed the top end on our 87 a few weeks ago, by choice not necessity. After an easily 400+ hour life, here's how good the piston looked. That was right as I pulled the jug off, no wipe down, no clean up of any sort. Cyl wall was just as clean. A new set of rings would've done it if I...
1-3 of 3 Results