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  1. Dunes
    Spent the weekend with the man in Florence and had a great time. Fridays weather called for sunshine and Saturday's weather called for rain. I'm happy to announce that we didn't see a drop of rain and while it was only partially sunny on Friday it kind of averaged itself out into a decent...
  2. Dunes
    Headed down to Florence again for our yearly August get together with friends from Oregon and California. Perfect weather, sunny and warm again this year and not a cloud in the sky all week. Just arrived and unloaded the LT Took the golf cart this year, it made it a lot more places than I...
  3. Dunes
    Dune Devils Racing has reserved 3 group sites on the sand and it looks like the head count so far is at 14 families. That's a lot of trucks, trailers and trikes all in one place. Trike not required so not really certain on the trike count, anyone is welcome to come hang. What I am sure of is...
1-3 of 3 Results