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  1. kx85 2007/8 smoking/burning smell

    Kawasaki Dirtbikes
    hi everyone, i was out on my newly purchased bike(used) this weekend no problems at all then after a couple of hours into the day it started smoking out of nowhere(white smoke) thought it would clear up did a few more laps round still smoking pulled up cut it out and it started smoking very bad...
  2. Wanted lt250r pipe (expansion)

    New Classifieds
    Hi guys in bad need of an 87-92 lt250r pipe/exhaust Literally any condition will do Please give me a shout if you have anything laying about thanks Rafer :)
  3. CR500 FMF Fatty

    Honda Dirtbikes
    As some of you know, the FMF Fatty is one of the best pipes you can get for the CR500. If you know that, you will probably also know that they are no longer in production. There is a thread on cr500riders.com that is trying to get FMF to make a production run of the Fattys for the CR5...
  4. Wanted LT500R AAEN pipe, clutch cover and head

    New Classifieds
    looking to buy a AAEN pipe or something along those lines, clutch cover, and a head, stock or cool head, preferably with the squish already fixed. let me know what you have.