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  1. Busco Beach
    We would like to invite all drag race enthusiasts to come on out to Busco Beach & ATV Park in Goldsboro, NC!!! We have a 300ft sand drag with a great new Portatree timing system. We have a tree, win lights at the end of each lane, an announcer and PA system, and printouts of your times. We will...
  2. Video
    Here's me drag racin and stuff at Mund's park. the first day is when it was dry, the second day, it just wouldnt dry up :P The first day, my dad ran outta battery in the camera when I was actually racing everyone... The one video I did get from that day was the modded YZ85, I gave him 4 lengths...
  3. Drag Racing
    I would like to see what its like to take a run down a drag strip full speed :) I just dont know of any here in Arizona?
1-3 of 3 Results