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  1. Yamaha Dirtbikes
    I was riding my 04 yz 250 in sixth gear and it just stopped and the bike turned off, when i checked the starter it was locked. I think it's from having no oil but not sure, please help i got this bike two days ago
  2. Kawasaki Dirtbikes
    I have a 97 kx250. I just rebuild the top end two weeks ago. Well I was riding it yesterday and it just lost all power, it's acting like the powerband ain't kicking in. Could someone help me out with this 0.o
  3. Shop & Garage
    My Cagiva 125's clutch wont disengage. The bike itself was sitting in the harsh Florida weather for some time, and I have heard that the clutch is really strong but it will stick if left outside. This brings me back to my problem we have heard that playing with the clutch in first gear will help...
  4. Video
    i was gonna hit braggin rights hill today and decided to warm up on half pipe hill first. good thing i did, the sandy conditions threw me off, i ate it!! bad--- YouTube - millilani dirtbike hillclimb bad good--- YouTube - PanderChick's Channel
1-4 of 5 Results