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  1. In depth Tech
    hello everyone i am have issues with my 1975 yamaha rs 125. I found the bike stored in a friends rental accommodation a while back and chatted to the previous tennants about it. It had been standing in the same spot for approx. 15years untouched and very unloved. This didn't sit rightly with...
  2. Honda TRX 250R
    I have a TRX450R that was given to me. The transmission and cases are shot, so I need a new engine. I've decided on a 250R engine. I plan on building this engine to meet the following criteria: reliable, 55-60hp, broad powerband, runs on pump gas. I can just about bet that I'm looking at...
  3. New Classifieds
    Looking to get a LT500 frame for a future quad project. Any year is fine. I'd prefer local deals so I don't have to deal with shipping fees, but I guess it isn't that big a' deal. It's just money, right? Anyway, let me know what ya' got. Thanks
  4. The Good
    TDC Performance has built some crazy engines everything from 2-stroke to 4stroke at great prices that won't make you go broke...Steve owner of TDC has built every engine i have even in my truck. Now i work for the TDC. engine he has built for me lt250r 400ex built to 440 out ran all them 493...
  5. Video
    theres a bunch of vids under my girls account, some of them are low quality but they show off the bike well. all riding is in hawaii check it out. YouTube - millilani hillclimb easy one
1-5 of 5 Results