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  1. Shop & Garage
    Hello Gurus, Cracked open an old Suzuki sled engine and thought I had found the problem with it. Overheated crank pins as visible here Then a closer look showed no such discoloration on the needles. ¨Could´ve rubbed off¨ I thought. Next, once the crank was out, a better look overall showed...
  2. Suzuki LT500
    Anyone fix this problem before? Crack goes from one little hole above crank snout to little hole beside crank snout. Follows along scooped out area. I did not press the new bearings in. I heated the area up with a heat gun and head the bearings in the deep freeze for days before installing. Do...
  3. Yamaha Banshee
    Hi it's been awhile since I have visited but I'm thinking of getting a new toy and wonder what you guys think about this one. Here is the craigslist ad. He wants 975 for it, 1050 if I want a spare set of maxxis razr mx tires with about 95% tread left and a set of nerfs. Thanks "I have a 1996...
1-3 of 3 Results