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  1. New Classifieds
    I need some 10mmx8mm headstuds for the lt500r. I had some of my head studs pull and I read the article on the homepage about installing the stainless steel certs. I installed one because it was oversized already and the other 5 i just drilled and taped 10mm so incase they ever strip I can...
  2. Suzuki LT500
    Since becoming a member, I have asked technical questions, and used this forum to find parts and pieces for my old zillas. I have to say that I have had more success on ES2 than any other website, or E... The people I have dealt with are truthful about the condition of the items they have for...
  3. Honda Dirtbikes
    As some of you know, the FMF Fatty is one of the best pipes you can get for the CR500. If you know that, you will probably also know that they are no longer in production. There is a thread on cr500riders.com that is trying to get FMF to make a production run of the Fattys for the CR5...
  4. Dunes
    Anybody up for a trip sometime this summer? Will have my big CR500 running and I wanna go kill some dunes and 4 jokers with it :thumbsup::thumbsup: Might also bring along the 86 LT250R if I get it running/ don't throw a KZ1000 motor in it... My schedule is very flexible, so whatever works for...
1-4 of 4 Results