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  1. Motorcycles
    Took everything completely apart to clean and just don't remember which way the mechanism moves when opening the exhaust valve wide open. Thought you would be able to help. BTW I did install several ways and this seems like the only way the valve will open and close properly, Thanks, Rob
  2. Honda Dirtbikes
    Wassup this Hal (jeepcj5) i forgot my login info and cant reset password. So i have a few problems. My swingarm is broken on the chain side where the seal goes in. Im thinking that i might just get it welded, but half the diameter is broken all the way down to the needle bearing on the front...
  3. Video
    this is a video of our friend jr doing a burnout on his cr250. he did a pretty good one. started off in second and managed to get to 5th gear real quick! the bike is built pretty good. YouTube - cr250r 5th Gear Burnout
1-4 of 4 Results