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  1. In depth Tech
    The fische page EVERYBODY uses for RIGHT CRAKCASE COVER is WRONG! From 79~89, the engine changed EVERY year - they didn't get the parts manual correct. And, DO assemble & install clutch cover, then install the rack & spring. Then install the ATAC manifold - butterfly open... The parts list is...
  2. General 2-stroke Info & Everything Else
    Bought the Bike a while back was fully rebuilt top and bottem end has great compression. The bike will start just fine and idle for about 20-30 seconds somtimes longer somtimes shorter and somtimes i can rev it to the moon but when I put it in gear I can only putt around anything past quarter...
  3. Honda Dirtbikes
    I am doing a top end on my 2007 CR125R and i got a wiseco piston kit for it. I was wondering if hard or soft break in was better or worse for the engine? Some people I have talked to say that hard is better but im not sure it sounds good for my engine.
  4. Honda Dirtbikes
    I have a 1989 cr125 and it has a brand new power valve set up in it. When i put the power valve in the cylinder head in the closed position (round side facing down) it hit the stopper bolt on the inside of the head and wont allow the power valve to rotate open. I took the linkage arm off of the...
  5. New Member Introductions
    i have a cr 125 1994 , im from wiltshire, enlgand. im having a bit of a prob wiv my bike. im not getting top end from it, i think it maybe the exhaust,the end can has a little leak and where the fatty pipe goes into the engine, it is leaking there also. is it that the bike is loosing compression...
1-5 of 5 Results