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  1. Crank case oil 85-86 motor. Slipping after oil change :(

    Suzuki LT250
    I know there are probably a bunch of threads about oil but im starting another one . When I first changed the fluids in the 85-86 motor the clutch was grabbing great , after a few test rides i changed it again to clean out any gunk from the previous owners lack of maintenance . First change i...
  2. 01 kx 125 stalling when shifting from neutral to 1st

    Kawasaki Dirtbikes
    Hey everyone, I'm pretty new to the mechanical side of dirt bikes, and I just wanted to see if you guys had any tips on how to get rid of this. I just got the bike a couple days ago, and it does seem to have a noticeably lower point where the clutch actually engages (like I have to pull the...
  3. Cagiva WMX 125 1986 Clutch Problems need help

    Shop & Garage
    My Cagiva 125's clutch wont disengage. The bike itself was sitting in the harsh Florida weather for some time, and I have heard that the clutch is really strong but it will stick if left outside. This brings me back to my problem we have heard that playing with the clutch in first gear will help...
  4. LT250R Clutch Problem!

    Suzuki LT250
    i have a 87 quadracer and i just installed a new clutch, clutch basket, clutch spring, and cable and i am having a hard time adjusting it. when i hold in the clutch it slams in to first and dies out. i have been messing around with the adjustment and i cant figure it out. im wondering if anybody...
  5. Blaster push rods and ball bearing.

    Yamaha Blaster
    I'm working on a 95 blaster. After doing a little reading I've come to find out the push rods and ball bearing are welded together. The push rod on the clutch rod (actuator) side is mushroomed. Do I have to split the case to get that mushroomed rod out. It looks that way to me? Any advise is...
  6. Clutch release shaft problem '86 lt250 help shaft rises out of case?

    Suzuki LT250
    Help please! I have a 1986 lt250 quad racer and the shaft that goes into the clutch cover/transmission case keeps rising up and disengaging from the gear that releases the clutch. The service manual and parts list do not show any clip or mechanism to hold the shaft down. How is this shaft...
  7. TRX 250r Clurch upgrade

    Honda TRX 250R
    I am looking to upgrade the clutch on my 1988 TRX 250r anyone got any recommendations of which clutch to go with right now it still has the stock clutch but i can tell its on its way out so i want to upgrade when i replace it