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  1. 3-Wheelers
    He guys. I have a 85 honda 250r atc. I was riding last weekend and ran out of gas. I put more gas in it now it doesn't want to start. I must have kicked it 100 times and even tried pushing it off. Still nothing. It has good compression, good spark, but nothing. I even tried spraying carb...
  2. Yamaha Banshee
    I have a 2006 stock banshee and when i ride fuel leaks out the airvent tubes on the carburator. Its not the overflow tube but the airvent tubes. Which fuel runs all over my engine and everywhere and dirt sticks to it. Ive checked the carb floats and the setting is fine and doesnt overflow with...
  3. Yamaha Blaster
    I bought a new alcohol carb from a friend for my Blaster. The problem is it is a 39mm carb and I can't find an intake for anything bigger than a 36mm. Does anyone know where I can get the intake I need?