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  1. 87 Banshee Jetting Help

    Yamaha Banshee
    Hi there new to the site i have an 1987 banshee thats bone stock and i bought toomey T5 pipes for it along with a k&n filter and TDR Reeds and i was wondering what jets i should buy or what size works the best for this set up also how much power will this add to the machine. please leave a list...
  2. For Sale Keihin 41mm for sale on ebay, dont buy!

    New Classifieds
    I recently purchased a keihin quadvent 38mm carb bored to 41mm and paid around 180 dollars shipped. I received the carb and couldn't wait to put it on my lt500 but i pulled the bowl off to do some inspecting and found out that the float towers were all wobbled out and the float moved way out of...
  3. 39 keihin pwk jetting?

    Suzuki LT250
    I just bought a 39mm pwk carb bored out to a 40.5mm, I need to get it jetted for my bike (less than 1000 ft sea level) Mod list (1985 lt250r): 1.5mm over piston, port and polish, no air box, uni air filter, stock reeds, fmf silencer with stock fatty. The jetting right now is 48 pilot and 165...
  4. For Sale 86 honda 250r atc with 330 kit

    New Classifieds
    I have a 330 kit 86 honda 250r project that needs to be finished. The only thing left to buy is an aftermarket exhaust. I have a 39mm keiham carb to go with it too. I also will include all the stuff to make it back original with the sale. I also have extra carbs, cylinders, covers, clutches...
  5. help please tecate 4 trouble

    Kawasaki Tecate
    Hey everyone I'm new on here. I have two 87 tecate 4s which I have listed on here to sell one. I was riding yesterday and one started acting like it was flooding out. So I readjusted the carb and that didn't work. Here is what I've tried so far: check 2 make sure its getting fire, changed...
  6. Where can I get a 39mm intake

    Yamaha Blaster
    I bought a new alcohol carb from a friend for my Blaster. The problem is it is a 39mm carb and I can't find an intake for anything bigger than a 36mm. Does anyone know where I can get the intake I need?
  7. Blaster carb problem

    Yamaha Blaster
    hi my 01 blaster is having some carb issues. When i go trail riding, or off jumps, or any bumpy terrain, my carb seems to flood or something. Gas pours out the one hole (i think one the overflows i attached a picture to show which one [not a pic of mine found it on the internet]) and the quad...