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bogging down

  1. LT500 bogs down. Jetting?

    Suzuki LT500
    Hey everyone! I just bought my 2nd 500 two stroke and it happens to have 4 wheels this time ( my other bike is a CR500 ) I just got a 88 LT500. When I test drove at the guys place it seemed to rip. When I went to ride today in Hungry Valley ( about 4000 feet up) it’s bogging down and has power...
  2. 1969 CT-1 wont redline

    So my CT-1 wont redline when the fuel is on but when its off and some of the gas drains from the carb it runs perfect until it runs out of gas of course. It only revs up to about 5k before it starts bogging and stays there, also if you put your hand behind the carb intake you get a light mist of...
  3. need help

    i just picked up a 1966 suzuki x6 hustler (t20) i bought it cheap and it was not running i realised it wasnt getting spark to one of the cylinders and the spark plugs were fine so i ordered new ignition coils and it fired right up. but right now all it does is idol and rev up but as soon as i...