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  1. Honda Dirtbikes
    Wassup this Hal (jeepcj5) i forgot my login info and cant reset password. So i have a few problems. My swingarm is broken on the chain side where the seal goes in. Im thinking that i might just get it welded, but half the diameter is broken all the way down to the needle bearing on the front...
  2. 3-Wheelers
    hey guys, my tecate is idleing SUPER high. i dont know how to set the idle screw, any suggestions? it has the stock carb
  3. ATV's
    can someone tell me how to set the idle screw on my tecate, it has the stock carb. it idles SUPER high!
  4. New Classifieds
    hey guys my blaster was stolen just be4 christmas. its all stock except the throttle, its blue with square head light, black and grey seat. i really want it back plz let me know if u seen it or even hav it, il giv u a reward. it was last seen in frankfort, it could be in the chicagoland area or...
  5. Manuals
    Need one ASAP anybody gas it let me know :Dope:1988 I think
  6. New Classifieds
    my buddy has a 98 blaster for sale.it has a after market exhaust.he bought it from a friend and ugraded alot more stuff and then one day then engine just locked up. you can get the complete bike for $700. i think thats a good deal because i see rollers going for $600. his number is 804-972-0222
  7. Yamaha Blaster
    I bought a new alcohol carb from a friend for my Blaster. The problem is it is a 39mm carb and I can't find an intake for anything bigger than a 36mm. Does anyone know where I can get the intake I need?
  8. Yamaha Blaster
    Okay first we have a 2000 yamaha blaster .30 over with newer exaust. We were riding one day and once you would get into the higher gears it would miss fire... Then another day we were riding it would miss fire when we he was down shifting. and at one point it the atv stalled and then he started...
  9. Yamaha Blaster
    Well up here in colorado, I went from having a Banshee in arizona to having a blaster again because I didnt want to have to rejet it twice, and since diesel prices are NUTS. Well I decided that since this 1999 Blaster up there was so dirty, that I'd just clean out the carb and the intake area...
  10. Yamaha Blaster
    hi my 01 blaster is having some carb issues. When i go trail riding, or off jumps, or any bumpy terrain, my carb seems to flood or something. Gas pours out the one hole (i think one the overflows i attached a picture to show which one [not a pic of mine found it on the internet]) and the quad...
1-10 of 10 Results