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big bore

  1. New Banshee Owner

    Love two strokes. Got a banshee with a blown top end got the cylinders bored to 66MM, need some suggestions on where to start with jetting the stock carbs. Has FMF fatty pipes and Powercore 2 silencers with a K&N filter. Im at 500FT elevation. Is a dyno jet kit the way to go?
  2. KTM 550 flat tracker

    Custom 2-Stroke
    here is what we have so far engine-KTM 550 2-stroke with 2007 ktm 85 programable digital ignition light port and polish just to clean casting marks. TDC Performance exhaust built for flat track. frame- 400ex front end redesigned to use trx450r suspension a-arms and so on. front top shock...