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  1. Yamaha Banshee
    Ok so I got a banshee project given to by my dads buddy’s wife when he passed away and I need help with the jetting. It’s got 28mm flat slide carbs, pod filters, cool heads, tooney t5s with husk kit and boysen rad valves/reeds. It come with 20 pilots and 350 mains it will run and idle but...
  2. Yamaha Banshee
    Hey I have a 2002 Banshee with FMF exhaust and open, individual K&N pod filters. I've read a lot of guys have changed to a 27.5 pilot jet and a 300 main jet. I can't find very many jets of this size online at all. Anyone know where to buy these? And are all jets compatible for different carbs...
  3. General 2-stroke Info & Everything Else
    Anyone know the difference between an arched and ladder or regular swingarm?
  4. Yamaha Banshee
    So, I recently bought an 00 banshee. It’s a fairly fixed up bike. Makes around 95 HP on the dyno and the previous owner told me, it was only a few modifications away from running alcohol. I’m fairly new to the 2 stroke atvs. I’ve had 4 stroke atvs in the past. Anyways the first time I rode the...
  5. Yamaha Banshee
    Alright guys I have a 2006 banshee I was sold in literally parts because the guy that sold it to me was getting the frame sand blasted but he never got the chance to do it so I made him an offer and her sold it to me so I recently put it all back together me not knowing what I got myself into...
  6. New Classifieds
    Does anyone have a nice set of black or white fullbore banshee plastics or know where i could get some? Desperately need!
  7. New Classifieds
    Ive been looking everywhere for fullbores. Anyone have a fullbore front plastic for sale?
  8. New Classifieds
    I have a 87-06 banshee complete brake setup minus the pedal. Has caliper, brake line, and reservoir. In good working shape. Will need new pads. Really want to trade for a banshee axel for my blasty. They are going for ~100+ on ebay so I was thinking 90+ shipping if someone just wants to buy it...
  9. General 2-stroke Info & Everything Else
    Hey i purchased a cool head for my banshee , im about to order domes for it but need to know what cc to run ! Its stock and i wanna keep to normal pump gas, iv been told to find out what cc domes goes off what my sea level is? I dont mean to sound like a bumb ass but what the hell is sea level...
  10. Yamaha Banshee
    Hey so heres the story , i bought a banshee about 6 months ago, pulled the engine out to do a little rebuild and thought while it was out ill put new reeds and bought a noss cool head , i went to put it on and it wouldnt fit , looks like the people before me had stripped a thread on the right...
  11. New Classifieds
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  12. New Classifieds
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  13. Vendor Reviews
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  14. New Classifieds
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  15. Yamaha Banshee
    hey guys, ive own this banshee for a while but recently its been laying around due to a top end rebuild, since Iam at it fought Ill strip everything and powder coat it, been a few months now, hopefully she come together soon, just waiting for trans bearing, ive bought a whole bunch of stuff...
  16. Yamaha Banshee
    I have a 1999 banshee that was running fine than it bogged down, It starts but appears to be only running on one cylinder, I replaced the spark plug and checked for spark which I am getting, then took the spark plug out and it is dry,I Removed the carb and cleaned it and the jet was clear, and...
  17. Yamaha Banshee
    I'm a lawnmower mechanic so I'm used to doing leak down tests on on 4 stroke engines but this is my first 2 stroke and I was wondering what piston position needs to be. I've been reading 6 psi is what you need for leak down. I'm using the mac leak down tester at the shop and I'm concerned...
  18. New Classifieds
    I got a 96 banshee, and when I ought it, the guy was a gear head that raced quads and he didn't have headlights or tail lights on it or skid plates...so im lookin for tail light, headlights, skid plates (for the front of the shee, or the swingarm plates, and possibly some paddle tires with or...
  19. Suzuki LT250
    What all parts will swap over from a banshee to a lt250r??? Only from banshee to lt
  20. New Classifieds
    Got a 95 banshee to part out. If you need something shoot me a pm for price. Top end needs redone. Got motor frame plastics pretty much everything
1-20 of 64 Results