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  1. Custom 2-Stroke
    I have a 450R chassis that needs very little outside of engine work. I plan to drop the engine for a 2 stroke. My options at this point are a banshee engine (don't want to deal with 2x cylinders), 250cc dirt bike engine (haven't seen as much aftermarket stuff for these as I'd like to have seen...
  2. New Classifieds
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  3. New Classifieds
    hey everyone, found this tecate on CL in NW indiana, it needs alot of work but its a nice project! i would buy it but i dont need any moree projects right now.. someone get this bike!!! heres the link: http://chicago.craigslist.org/nwi/mcy/3737959465.html
  4. Kawasaki Dirtbikes
    hey, I'm building a hybrid kfx450 with a 250 two stroke engine. I havn't bought the motor yet but im keen on a 1990 kx250 thats for sale for $800 to rip the motor out of. I looked up the specs for the bike and its telling me that the bike puts out 52hp and 35ft ibs. Does that sound right to...
  5. Yamaha Blaster
    Okay first we have a 2000 yamaha blaster .30 over with newer exaust. We were riding one day and once you would get into the higher gears it would miss fire... Then another day we were riding it would miss fire when we he was down shifting. and at one point it the atv stalled and then he started...