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    hey guys im still looking for a 86 tecate 3, havnt had much luck finding one. I have decided NOT to get the 4 wheel conversion kit. if u have a project one plz PM me or comment. this is mainly for the IL or Indiana guys. thanks! DD66
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    Just wanted to pass this ad along to the guys who race those little 110 atc's. Check this out, if you run this equip. you won't find a better deal out there. Just thought if you needed an extra frame or bent your triple tree or front forks. ITS ONLY 20$ for everything...
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    hi, im new to everything 2 stroke. i just got this tecate recently. it was sittin in a storage locker since nearly new. the trike is in great shape, it needs a intake boot, petcock kit, plug, WHICH I ORDERD OFF EBAY, and am going to install them when get em. is has a green frame. great...
1-3 of 3 Results